Defect Reports

Identification of defective work and details of appropriate rectification methodology for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Prepared for Owners, Builders, Strata Managers, Solicitors etc.

Dilapidation Reports

A point in time photographic report to show the current condition of a property. It is useful to get dilapidation reports of neighbouring properties and council setback prior to carrying out construction work. This can save many thousands of dollars from future claims.

Contract Reconciliations

An analysis and review of the contract documents and an assessment of variations, extensions of time, liquidated damages etc. This review can be undertaken in isolation or as part of a broader defects and rectification costs assessment.

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness reports and oral expert evidence for NCAT (formerly CTTT), District Court and other legal proceedings for solicitors, clients and builders.

Litigation Support

Expert opinion in the form of a report to a solicitor on defects or problems with a building including the extent of damage and the value of the claim. 

Scott Schedules

A summary of the key issues regarding defective or incomplete work and the value associated with the work. The Scott Schedule is completed by both parties to a building dispute.